Sunday, April 23, 2006

An legendary animator called Ryan Larkin

Syrinx (1965) by Ryan Larkin

During Thessaloniki DF, in his workshop Peter Wintonick has showed us a short film titled "Ryan" by Chris Landreth. That's how I heard about this wonderful animator. Then I got the chance to view two of his works thanks to Flickhead.
If you want to know more about Larkin, read Ryan Larkin and the addictive allure of illusions or/and The Wonderfully Fucked Up World of Ryan Larkin...


Blogger Muse-r said...

hello there. i was v.surprised to read ur comment on my blog. actually my blog wasn't like something i told anyone about. it just happened. and YES! I love souad massi! i have 3 of her cds! very pleasant surprise!!!that we both share a same interest in her. which film did u hear her song from? i especcially love Ghir Enta by her. she's got an amazing voice. and u like jean rouch too? i see the whole cinema theme here! i study film and cinema too presently, but not as a major. i really dig Chronique d'un Ete!

12:57 AM  
Blogger Muse-r said...

by the way. "kino" eye,isn't that from the kino-pravda theory? something that jean rouch is v. influenced by as well. i'm so pleasantly surprised that someone has linked stuff about jean rouch in his blog! v.impressive cos..well..i like him myself.

1:05 AM  
Blogger gadjo said...

hi muse-r! thanks for the message... yes, Ghir Enta is great. the film which end with Souad Massi's song was "Insallah dimanche" by Yamina Benguigui. In the very same film there were songs by Idir as well, which I like very much also. no need to mention that all those names are Algerian! it's a weird coincidence but even my nick-name has something to do with Algeria, where I've never been yet...
and yes, the title is inspired by Vertov's "kino-eye"... I'm glad you like Rouch, especially Chronique d'un Ete.
keep in touch... and have a nice blogging!

6:13 AM  

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